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We elect legislators at every level of government to represent us in their respective offices.  Nonetheless, we should all stay informed and do our best to keep them accountable to we the voters.  We have included these useful links to help you stay connected, be informed, and be a part of our government.

Stay Informed!

Click the button below to check out our Electeds tab for direct links to the offices and websites of those who are serving us in Washington D.C., Olympia, and in our county government.
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Stay Connected to the GOP

We are stronger together than we are as individuals. To that end, we encourage you to get involved with our local party to help us elect Republicans to serve us in our fire districts, on our school boards, as sewer district commissioners, and as city council members. Although those positions are nonpartisan, people are partisan.  We want to elect conservatives to these offices as they make decisions regarding the collection and spending of our tax dollars. The people elected to these offices often go on to be elected in partisan offices, so it’s imperative we elect individuals who share our conservative values.

Yakima County Bylaws

Read the Yakima County Bylaws for more information about our Purpose, Membership, Meetings, and More.

Get Involved Locally

If you would like to become involved with the Yakima County Republican Central Committee, we would love to have you. Click to email us your interest.

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Here are some useful links to help you stay informed:

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote?  Please make sure your voice is heard by registering to vote. You can register online - it's as easy as clicking the the button!